We did it!

Photo: Jenny Henkelman

Thanks so much to every single person who pledged to the Stylus Radio Fundrive Extravaganza!

Together, we raised $3,785 for CKUW 95.9 fm! I can’t thank you enough for supporting such an important part of Winnipeg’s cultural and musical fabric. It’s crucial that stations like CKUW stay on the airwaves!

If you have any questions about paying your pledge, you can call (204) 786-9782.

Also, big thanks to mum for the snacks and my dad for coming in and playing his accordion – our version of “Pledge It” was probably the worst/best thing to ever hit the airwaves. If you missed it, here are the lyrics, inspired by MJ:

Hey listen up we need your help around here
Don’t wanna see this radio station disappear
There’s passion in our hearts and our words are so sincere
So pledge it, just pledge it

You better call, you better pledge what you can
We come together now and raise fifty grand
Feel good about your life and give us a hand
So pledge it, if you wanna be rad!

Just pledge it, pledge it, pledge it, pledge it
Pick up the phone and call us
We only ask you once in the year
Show us we matter and keep us on air

Just pledge it, pledge it
Just pledge it, pledge it
Just pledge it, pledge it
Just pledge it, pledge it

I don’t know how we’re going to top next year’s show, but I’ll worry about that in 51 weeks. Thanks again Winnipeg!


Mama C.

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