Let’s Raise So Much Money!


The annual Stylus Radio Fundrive show is a one-hour party on the radio, usually involving friends, me rapping, my dad playing accordion and someone fainting from excitement.

* * * Don’t miss it : : : Thursday, Feb 17, 2-3 pm * * *

In a world of large-scale media and corporate mergers, it’s time to be a part of something magical: community radio that’s made by music lovers! It’s passionate, local and real! Get into it!

On Thursday, February 17th, from 2-3 pm CST, it’s your chance to make a pledge to Stylus Radio to help me raise $2,000 in ONE HOUR! (Can she do it??)

Only with your help.

The annual CKUW Fundrive is 100% vital to the existence of our community station – we need people who support local and underground music, public radio and media democracy to pledge a total of $50,000!

QUESTION: What does pledging do for you?

- It keeps your favourite radio station on the air! For this, we thank you.

- Any pledge $30 and up is eligible to win special prizes and incentives, like shirts, hoodies and music!

- People who pledge to Stylus Radio get in to the amazing and exclusive music draws, including albums from: Pip Skid, Magnum K.I., Sharon Jones and Dap-Kings, Grand Analog and the Budos Band!

- If you don’t want prizes, you can always get a charitable tax receipt! Grown ups!

- It makes you feel good to be a part of a movement, something that truly makes a difference. You’ll feel warm in your heart.

QUESTION: How do you make a pledge?

- You can call in live during the show on February 17 and talk to one of my phone cadets. The number is (204) 774-6877!

- If you can’t call during the live show, you can contact me ahead of time on facebook to make a pre-pledge or email me at sarah(at)mamacutsworth(dot)com. It’s easy. Send me a message!

Help me raise $2,000! A little bit goes a long way.

Thank you.

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