Little workshop of horrors?

So various people walk up to me and ask if I teach DJing. Sometimes I do, but more often than not, I’m watching CSI. I’m thinking we could get a gang together and develop the skills of the youth (meaning anyone, see story below*). If you’re interested in learning the basics on the ol’ wheels of steel, e-mail me! If there’s enough interest, we’ll gather somewhere classy and cultivate a love for sound manipulation.

*Side story: the other day I did, in fact, teach a workshop at the ever-fantastic radio station CKUW 95.9 fm (mega props to place). We had a lovely group of CKUW volunteers trying their hand at scratching, juggling and mixing. Wanna know the best part? A man by the name of Bill – who’s about 40 t0 50 years older than me – showed up and we got him to juggle Michael Jackson and scratch Salt n Pepa acapellas over Greyboy instrumentals. Yowzers! Inspirational.


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