Speechless heads to Amsterdam

I’ll be leaving for Amsterdam shortly to perform at the 22nd IMPRO Amsterdam fest, an international improvised theatre festival held every year in the Netherlands. This year’s performers come from Australia, Portugal, Colombia, the USA, the UK, Sweden, and Canada (that’s me). I’ll be performing SPEECHLESS there with my partners Daniel Orrantia and Felipe Ortiz from Bogotá on January 25th, which is exciting because we haven’t shared the stage for a few months. This performance in Holland will mark our 15th country in which we’ve done the show!

I’m happy to be performing in a few other theatre shows as well, including Folie à Deux with the UK’s Charlotte Gittins and Andrew Hunter Murray.

On top of all that, I’ll be teaching my workshop “The Soundtrack: Rethinking how music is used in Improv Theatre” and our members of Speechless will teach “Scenes without Words,” which goes over our classic toolbox for doing improv using only your body and music.

I’ll be back home in Canada by February 1st. Stay tuned for more adventures!

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