I’m honoured to announce that I’m going to be heading to Italy in a week to teach at the Milan International Theatresports Institute Conference 2015. It’s an international gathering of theatre improvisers and chance for them to nerd-out and collaborate and talk shop.

I’ll be teaching a workshop I’ve developed over the last couple years, picking up thoughts and inspiration from my work with Crumbs, Rapid Fire Theatre, multiple one-time shows with international theatre companies, and of course my project Speechless.

The workshop’s called “The Soundtrack: Rethinking How Music Is Used in Impro Theatre” and it’s still a concept I’m developing and building. Just like in the movies, music has the ability to add emotional depth to live impro. Inspired by film instead of musical theatre, this workshop is a different approach to working with impro music. Workshop participants will learn how to listen and respond to music in new ways as an actor, how music can be another character, and how music can strengthen or transform scenes at unexpected moments.

On a side note, I should mention that Speechless just got back from a three-week tour of Portugal and Spain and I’d like to send shout outs to the organizers of the FESTIM015. Such an incredible bunch of performers and I feel grateful to share the stage with you folks.

See you in Milano. Ciao.

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