Attention kids and parents of Winnipeg!

Are you tired of being a small child that can’t go out late at night and dance to Mama Cutsworth’s DJ sets? Do you feel like listening to music other than lullabies or the theme song from Frozen?

Good news, kids of Winnipeg, your wait is over!

Pack up your parents and come out on Sunday, April 12th to The Good Will – Social Club for a dance party!

Sunday, April 12
The Good Will Social Club, 625 Portage Ave.
1-5 pm
$5 per person, babes in arms are free

Featuring music your moms and dads will enjoy, like Prince, Elvis Costello, The Go-Gos and Stevie Wonder, all played at reasonable volume levels that won’t damage your precious ear drums!

Because the Good Will is a licensed venue and serves alcohol*, every child MUST attend with their parent or legal guardian.

*Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be available, including juice, fancy coffees and tea!

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