Whitney, Janet, Mariah and more!

Two years ago, I threw a very special dance party with a brand-new DJ partner, DJ J. Jackson. The party was called “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and it filled up the beloved Lo Pub with dancers and music and sweat. We played only music by the great divas like Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey. The party was a hit.

Since that night, DJ J. Jackson and I decided to form a DJ duo known as House of Gold Diamonds. It’s a match made in dance floor heaven, since we both love lip synching to Crystal Waters. Every time spring comes around, we get a craving to put on another all-diva dance party. The next one happens April 5th at Union Sound Hall!

To us, the definition of a diva is a strong, confident woman who isn’t afraid to show it. This can be the classics, like Madonna, Grace Jones, Missy Elliott, Donna Summer, and Cher; or it can be the newer women taking over the music world, like M.I.A., Icona Pop and Janelle Monae.

So come out and dance with us!

House of Gold Diamonds presents:
“I Still Wanna Dance With Somebody!”

Saturday, April 5th
Union Sound Hall, 110 Market Ave.
Doors open at 10 pm
$10 at the door

Click here for the facebook event.

A DJ Recital Is a Beautiful Thing.

  Wow. I’m full to the brim with warm feelings. Twelve students from the most recent beginner course at my DJ Academy for All Women had their debut this past International Women’s Day (March 8th). It was a hit! They scratched, beatmatched, blended songs together in tight 15-minute sets. They bravely played to a full [...]

Thirteen new female DJs make their debut.

I’m so excited! This season’s students in my DJ Academy for All Women will be dropping their first-ever DJ sets in front of a live audience on March 8th. Conveniently, this also happens to be International Women’s Day. This is the third annual “DJ recital” we’ve had for the graduating class at the academy. It’s [...]

The BARRELHOUSE is this Saturday!

I can’t wait to dust off some vinyl, haul out a vintage dress and get to “The Barrelhouse: Gin Edition” this weekend! How about you? See you this Saturday, (Feb. 22) at The Windsor Hotel, 187 Garry Street for a dance party that is full of heart and love and fresh-baked goodies (Yes, this is [...]

Support Community Radio! Plus: I’ll DJ at your house.

Feb 7th-14th is the annual pledge drive at our little station in Winnipeg, CKUW 95.9 fm, and we need you! One week of every year, CKUW asks for listeners and community members to make a donation to help our station grow and thrive and continue to make great things happen. Please consider making a donation. [...]

DJ Academy for All Women

I’m bursting at the seams to share some news: We’re bringing back a third season of DJ classes for beginners in February 2014! Classes numbers are small, so register early. I am very much looking forward to unleashing a new batch of DJs onto the world.    

Positive Moves

Watch this video. Now, if you can. Angela Lansbury, inspiration for all? Inspiration for my next big dance party, that’s for sure. House of Gold Diamonds presents POSITIVE MOVES Saturday, October 12 Union Sound Hall 110 Market Ave., Winnipeg Doors: 9pm $7 before 11pm, $10 after With guest DJ set by The Rhza


I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be spending 3 weeks in Germany this fall, performing in Würzburg, Berlin and Hamburg. I’ll be playing some parties, sure, but my primary reason is to perform soundtracks for live improvised theatre! Improvising on turntables and a mixer, I score live shows while some of the world’s best [...]

The Barrelhouse is back!

I adore music from the 1930s and ’40s. The raw tone, the (often) hilarious lyrics [see: "Grandpa Stole My Baby" or "Walk Right In, Walk Right Out"], the musicality. Jump Blues, Boogie Woogie, Rhythm & Blues… these genres aren’t all that known anymore, so playing a party that is just Roy Brown and Big Mama [...]

Burlesque Dance Party!

[Click image below for full impact] Hold on to your faces! Vancouver’s Queen of Sass — Crystal Precious— is coming to Winnipeg! Crystal Precious is part riot grrl, part burlesque dancer and part rapper. She is the world’s first burlesque/hip hop MC, mixing ghetto-fabulous glamour with fresh quips, razor-sharp rhymes, locally grown beats and a [...]